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With its origins in Hong Kong, the Shiu Pong Group developed its first project in 1957 and went on to develop significant commercial properties and residential condominiums in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. In Canada, Shiu Pong began developing its portfolio in 1972 which now includes shopping malls Dragon City, Dragon Centre and Victoria Park Business Centre and office commercial developments Campus 2000 and Two Twenty Duncan Mill. In residential condominiums, Shiu Pong has completed The Radius, Maxus, Mapledale, Garden Terrace as well as Bayview Royal Community and its recent development Lotus Condominiums in Toronto’s fashionable Yorkville neighbourhood. In 2000, Shiu Pong began their building partnership with Monarch when both companies teamed up and developed the Clarington condominiums adjacent to the Inn on the Park Hotel.


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Design is a part of me; it’s not a hobby or dream, I live and breathe it – it’s engrained in everything I do. When I walk down the street, read a magazine, grab my morning coffee or am checking out the latest gallery, I am always analyzing the details of a space… the little things most people don’t notice; how they work together to create a bigger picture and ultimately inspire the people who live and work in those spaces. When I started creating the concept for Design Haus, I was influenced by a recent trip to Copenhagen and the Scandinavian design philosophy “form follows function.” Everywhere I looked there was a simplicity and honesty in the use of natural materials. Design Haus has a similar aesthetic.

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We believe that good design should be thought provoking and that successful design is a dialogue; where good communication is as much about listening as it is about speaking. It is only through collaboration that the most inspired and innovative ideas can be brought forth.

Good design satisfies the senses and is functional. There is integrity and professionalism in all that we do and we feel a deep responsibility to our clients to remain current. Our designs enhance a client’s lifestyle and add value to the bottom line. Care and accuracy in the design process shows respect to our clients.

We also believe that good design is not predictable, rather finding opportunity in the unexpected to create something that is memorable. Our authenticity and passion manifests its self in the details, omitting the irrelevant and leaving only the essential. Pure and simple.

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Kirkor Architects + Planners was founded in 1990 by partners Steven Kirshenblatt and Clifford Korman. It has developed into a firm of nearly 60 architects, interns and technologists who support a robust client list including major developers both local and international.

Kirkor’s focus is on the creation of responsible, sustainable, economically viable developments through smart growth strategies. We have expertise in urban design principles of intensification, mixed-use development and public transportation that are necessary to ensure holistic, healthy building practices. Urban intensification is a critical issue for cities that must cope with rising populations while curbing sprawl. Kirkor is an authority in urban densification with award-winning smart build projects across North America.